The Studio

StudioFrom Cape Cod to Portobello

Local art jeweller Britany Sue Mason has literally come a long way to live in Portobello. Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Britany arrived in New Zealand to complete her Fine Art studies in Dunedin. She is heavily influenced by New Zealand’s natural landscape and seascape, and her work focuses on the many tiny structures and textures of the natural world. She aims to achieve sustainability in her choice of materials and the silver she uses for casting is recycled, so that her pieces will have less impact on the environment.

The preciousness of the natural world is captured Britany in her studioin a series of replicas of found objects from nature. These are cast in solid stirling silver, exemplifying the value of even the smallest life form. When worn, these unique items will maintain a connection between the wearer and the place the object comes from. While beautiful, they also serve as a reminder of environmental fragility and question our relationship with the natural world. Brittany has now settled in Portobello and has opened her own studio/gallery located in the old Portobello Post Office in the heart of the village at  1728 Highcliff Road, Portobello.