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SONY DSCPortobello Community Incorporated was formed as a community organisation to work in our community to promote, develop and improve on some of the great things we have in our township.

Living on the Otago Peninsula provides residents and their families with some unique opportunities in their lifestyle, environment and community that our residents enjoy. To foster and encourage those opportunities Portobello Community Inc. have clear goals to assist us in creating opportunities for our area.

Those goals include;

  • Ensuring we have a vibrant, artistic,  family-friendly community
  • Having a strong sense of identity and community
  • Developing our amenities, facilities and environment for the benefit of our residents and our visitors.

Playground OpeningPortobello Jetty

Among our most recent projects has been the development of the playground opposite Coronation Hall and the building of a new jetty to provide boating and recreational access to the Otago Harbour. These projects enhance our community and provide valuable assets for everyone to enjoy.

We welcome community input and feedback on the events and projects that we work on. So if you have any suggestions about what could make a great little place even better or would like to work with our organisation, please get in contact with us on the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.