Coronation Hall

Coronation Hall 1912

The Coronation Hall was built in Portobello in 1912. Constructed originally to house the Portobello Road Board a £250 grant was made for its construction from the Government Coronation Fund in 1911. A portion of the small lagoon area adjacent to the road and Latham Bay was reclaimed to create the site the hall sits on today. In 1921 the kitchen addition was added. Through the years the Coronation Hall has seen many varied uses, including the Peninsula County Council offices, a movie theatre and wide range of dances, sports events and public meetings.

Today the hall is operated by a local committee who manage the bookings, cleaning and renovations of this valuable community asset.  With a large central hall, stage, kitchen and toilets the Coronation Hall is ideal to hire for a wide variety of functions, including weddings, reunions, family gatherings, public meetings, events and recreation.

The hall committee welcomes enquiries about the hiring of the hall for that special event that you might be planning. Please contact the custodian Wayne Cameron at 03 4780 424 or alternatively you can email your enquiry to

Coronation Hall decorated for a wedding

Location of Portobello Coronation Hall