Highcliff Road Closure

Highcliff Road Closure Map full size

Work to repair parts of Highcliff Road affected by slips will begin on 17 July, requiring its closure from Camp Road to Seaton Road until 29 September, with residents-only access.

Specific access details:

  • Seal Point Road will be accessible from Pukehiki by residents only. A road closure will be located after the driveway on the Portobello side of 1165 Highcliff Road
  • residents on Highcliff Road above the township of Portobello will have access via Portobello. A road closure will be located on the Portobello side of 1299 Highcliff Road
  • Sandymount Road will not be accessible from Highcliff Road. All resident access will be via Allans Beach Road/Hoopers Inlet Road.

The project will repair damage caused by three slips ‑ two of which occurred during a storm event in 2015 and another took place earlier this year ‑ as well as improving the road’s resilience and general safety.

An assessment of Highcliff Road indicates that the landslips occurred due to a combination of steep topography, and poor drainage, as might be expected on a road that was cut into the hillside well over 100 years ago. Culverts in the road closure zone will be replaced as part of this project to bring them up to standard, and the remaining low-risk culverts along other sections of Highcliff Road will be replaced over the next four years as part of general maintenance work.

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