Cleaning up our Place

SONY DSCGreeted by a glorious Mother’s Day morning members of Portobello Community Incorporated gave up their breakfast in bed or preparing it for mum, cleaning up litter around the township and outer areas. With a busy day in Portobello with the Peninsula Challenge event being held this was an opportunity to make our township shine a little brighter in the autumn sun. Among the bottles, cigarette packets and fast food wrappers four traffic cones were retrieved from the  harbour on Harrington Point Road. Nature has an incredible ability to adapt and the cones were encrusted with chitons, tube worms  and other sea life, many of which were removed and returned to the shoreline. With support from Keep Dunedin Beautiful who supplied bags and gloves the morning was a positive step to keep our area clean and tidy. It was also great to receive encouragement and words of thanks from cyclists and walkers passing by who praised our efforts.