Annual Plan Meeting at Portobello

Don't be a bird brain - have your say in the Annual Plan

Got a burning issue? Feel that there’s something the Council should be doing or improving in your region? The Annual Plan is the opportunity for citizens to have their say in what the Council’s spending priorities should be.

So don’t be a bird brain get down to the Coronation Hall on March 31st and find out what’s going on in your city.

City Council Annual Plan and Submission Webpage

Turnbull’s Bay Road Repair

Turnbulls Bay

The Dunedin City Council are investigating the design and repair of the slumped section of Portobello Road, Turnbull’s Bay where the present traffic lights have been placed.

 Turnbulls Bay Wall

The objective is the reinstatement of the existing road plus the provision of a new 3m wide shared path. The work would see the construction of a new 180 metre wall which would range in 2-4 metres high. The wall would have a vertical face with a rough ‘rock like’ texture finish.

Turnbulls Bay Wall 1

The proposed time frame of the works is:

  • Community Feedback – by 20 February 2014
  • Detail Design – Feb/Mar/Apr 2014
  • Construction – Between July and December 2014

The Council are seeking community feedback on the design of this work by February 20th 2014 and submissions can be made in writing to the:

Dunedin City Council PO Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058, New Zealand

Or by email to:

Hawked and Hurled at the Domain

Grabbing a bargainOctober can be a great time of year in Portobello with those balmy warm days that begin to give us hope that summer is just around the corner, and Sunday’s Hawk and Hurl was no exception. With a good number of local people deciding to sell their unwanted items there were plenty of opportunities for visitors to find a bargain Geoof and Richard unloadingor two.

The Portobello Community Inc. team were kept busy helping people with unloading their vehicles, rescuing recyclable items from the bins and collecting scrap metal. This year the team collected around 2-2.5 tons of scrap that will be sold and the proceeds going towards the school pool. The generosity of the community in this type of donation and the support by local farmer  Brendon Cross who supplied the truck for cartage is greatly appreciated.

Many people donated items for sale rather than dumping them in the skips and quite a few people took the opportunity grab a bargain. With desks, outdoor furniture and a range of house-ware its great to see these items get re-used rather than go into the landfill.  The next Hawk and Hurl will be in February so look out for the advertising. Click on the images below to view in full size.

October Hawk and Hurl


Its time for that important spring clean around your place so bring your rubbish, recycling and saleable stuff to the Portobello Hawk and Hurl. Run in conjunction with the Dunedin City Council’s Community Clean Up Day this is a great way to turn your

  • old toys
  • clothes
  • kitchen ware
  • tools
  • crafts
  • garden plants and anything else you can imagine into cash.

Stalls are just $10.00 with proceeds going to Portobello School. So if you’d like have a great spring clean up while recycling some of those things you can’t bear to throw away contact Paul Pope, Wayne Cameron or Dave Fenwick

Portobello Hawk & Hurl at the Portobello Domain, starts at 10:00am

Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week

Keep Dunedin Beautiful and the Dunedin City Council are asking residents to beautify their favourite part of our city by ridding it of litter. So Portobello Community Incorporated are going to play their part by undertaking a clean up around our area on Saturday 21st September. If you’d like to take part in the clean up then meet at the Portobello Store at 10:00 am, grab a bag, hi-viz, some gloves and make a difference in your community. Get your family, friends or neighbours involved. Rubbish bags will be collected and disposed of appropriately

The amount of time you spend on it is entirely up to you as every little bit counts. See you there.

New Trees at the Portobello Domain

It was a pleasant surprise to see that the Dunedin City council had planted new beech trees on the bank above the Domain last week. The new plantings have really added to the landscaping of the area and in the future they will provide shade, bird roosting and a strong visual impact on the reserve. The bank above the sports-ground has always been a wet area and hopefully the trees will help to soak up some of that moisture. Great to see the City Council proactively planting new trees on its reserve areas, they will really add to our local recreation area. Well done.

Camping Ground for the Peninsula

 CampThe Dunedin City Council have announced plans to develop a “DoC style” campsite on the Peninsula. In a report in The Star on the 2oth of June a Council spokeswoman announced that  the City Council was investigating sites on the Peninsula, but would not name the sites. In an unusual statement the City Council spokeswoman was quoted as saying “It is not something we are going to do secretly and decide…” Now the question here is if its not a secret and the City Council wanted the process to be “fair and let people know they were considering it” why would the Council not provide the community with all of the relevant information now? Clearly it is a secret and it begs the question of how this proposal might affect community use and recreation on public reserve land for the Peninsula community in the future.

The pressures on the business community to actively ensure that their enterprises are viable in the present economic climate are immense. It’s difficult to fathom why the City Council would explore such an enterprise when it will no doubt unduly affect local accommodation  businesses like that of Sherryl and Kevin Charles in Portobello. What’s even more difficult to understand is why the City Council wish to compete in the accommodation marketplace? Surely if the demand for an additional campsite was required then those with the funding, land and enterprise in the private sector would undertake to develop such a project. To date private sector investment of that type has not been realised. The City Council will be creating a subsidised accommodation business without having to pay a mortgage, rates or development costs. That’s a distinct financial advantage and one that competes directly with the private sector.


Read the full Star story here….

Changes to Hooper’s Inlet Channel

A noticeable increase in width of the channel

The opening of the Hooper’s Inlet channel by the Dunedin City Council on the 6th of June saw a marked change in the water levels within the inlet. Since the opening work was undertaken the Otago Peninsula has been in the grips of a keen storm front that has swept across from the South Island into the central North Island. Accompanying the storm were high seas and tides and it was worth the chilly walk to see how the channel opening had coped since the original opening.

There has been a marked increase in the width of the channel as the eastern edge has eaten into the existing dunes. This has increased the height of the channel upwards of 3-5 metres in places. Typically of storm periods there was significant debris on the beach which had also been pushed into the inlet. Noticeable too has been the increase in water around the old channel position across the beach, though it was difficult to see whether it had reopened back into the sea. There is still extensive water movement in and out of the channel and visitors should be cautious while visiting the area. Certainly the recent tidal and wind conditions along with the water movement have altered the area and it will be interesting to see how the channel changes once the weather calms down into spring and summer. The pictures taken here were at high tide on Sunday the 23rd July. Click on pictures to view in gallery.

Compare the pictures from the initial opening.

Roading Conditions on the Otago Peninsula

Important Notice

Received today from the Dunedin City Council, Monday 17th June, 11:30 am.

Harington Point Road between Portobello township and Weir Rd has been closed by a large slip. Peninsula bus services to Harrington Point are cancelled.  All Peninsula services are now terminating at Portobello township. The closure will be in place all day today, overnight, and into tomorrow. It is unknown at this stage when the road will open as slip material continues to come down.

A detour is being put in place (Allan’s Beach Rd , Shepard’s Rd, Papanui Inlet Rd, Weir Rd) but this detour is not suitable or safe for buses.

Services to Palmerston are cancelled due to highway closure.

Updated from the Dunedin City Council Monday 17th June, 5:00pm

Home bound traffic should take extreme care as darkness comes as there is still significant debris falling onto the road.

  • Seaton Rd slip clear
  • Highcliff Rd clear
  • Harrington Point Road still blocked by slipping

Please take extreme care on all Peninsula Roads.

Updated from Portobello Police Tuesday 18th June, 12.30pm

  • Hatchery Rd closed with slips on the Portobello side of the cattle stop with debris coming down from the cliff and the road has slumped on the seaward side. Contractors are on site.
  • Highcliff Road a slump is developing above the Cone-henge property.

Please take extreme care on all Peninsula Roads.


Hooper’s Inlet Channel Opening

The opening of Hooper’s Inlet Channel on Thursday 6th of June by the Dunedin City Council has had a noticeable effect on the water levels of the inlet over the weekend. The Dunedin City Council undertook the work to ensure access over the road was not blocked by flooding. The inlet issue has been one that has inconvenienced back bay residents for some time.

Todays photographs were taken near to high tide and there was significant surge in and out of the newly dug channel. With winter tide and weather conditions it will be interesting to see how effective the work is and whether the old channel also opens up. Visitors to the area should be watchful of the tide conditions and the strength of the water coming in and out of the channel. Click on the photographs to view.

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