Playcentre Survey

Enjoying the deck at Portobello Playcentre

Like many community organisations membership ebbs and flows with generational change, community needs and population fluctuations. Presently, the Portobello-Broad Bay Playcentre is struggling for families with children to get involved and play an active part in this important pre-school organisation. Currently our local Playcentre has less than 10 families, and if the roll does not improve the Peninsula may lose Playcentre for good.

Currently, the Portobello – Broad Bay Playcentre is gathering information from the community about what families really need so that the organisation can try to make changes that will both serve the community and make Playcentre more sustainable.

There is a survey being distributed around the community with a stamped and addressed envelope that allows people to provide information to the group on the current Playcentre. If you’re a parent, caregiver or grandparent and have children or know someone who might be interested in Playcentre take the time to give the group some feedback. The survey is available at the, Peninsula Medical Centre (Portobello), Portobello Store, Toy Library or by letter box drop. If you have any questions or would like to get involved with Playcentre you can email Rachael at or call her at (03) 4780 4781265. Give your support to our local Playcentre.

Water is a great learning toy!

Turnbull’s Bay Road Repair

Turnbulls Bay

The Dunedin City Council are investigating the design and repair of the slumped section of Portobello Road, Turnbull’s Bay where the present traffic lights have been placed.

 Turnbulls Bay Wall

The objective is the reinstatement of the existing road plus the provision of a new 3m wide shared path. The work would see the construction of a new 180 metre wall which would range in 2-4 metres high. The wall would have a vertical face with a rough ‘rock like’ texture finish.

Turnbulls Bay Wall 1

The proposed time frame of the works is:

  • Community Feedback – by 20 February 2014
  • Detail Design – Feb/Mar/Apr 2014
  • Construction – Between July and December 2014

The Council are seeking community feedback on the design of this work by February 20th 2014 and submissions can be made in writing to the:

Dunedin City Council PO Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058, New Zealand

Or by email to:

Camping Ground for the Peninsula

 CampThe Dunedin City Council have announced plans to develop a “DoC style” campsite on the Peninsula. In a report in The Star on the 2oth of June a Council spokeswoman announced that  the City Council was investigating sites on the Peninsula, but would not name the sites. In an unusual statement the City Council spokeswoman was quoted as saying “It is not something we are going to do secretly and decide…” Now the question here is if its not a secret and the City Council wanted the process to be “fair and let people know they were considering it” why would the Council not provide the community with all of the relevant information now? Clearly it is a secret and it begs the question of how this proposal might affect community use and recreation on public reserve land for the Peninsula community in the future.

The pressures on the business community to actively ensure that their enterprises are viable in the present economic climate are immense. It’s difficult to fathom why the City Council would explore such an enterprise when it will no doubt unduly affect local accommodation  businesses like that of Sherryl and Kevin Charles in Portobello. What’s even more difficult to understand is why the City Council wish to compete in the accommodation marketplace? Surely if the demand for an additional campsite was required then those with the funding, land and enterprise in the private sector would undertake to develop such a project. To date private sector investment of that type has not been realised. The City Council will be creating a subsidised accommodation business without having to pay a mortgage, rates or development costs. That’s a distinct financial advantage and one that competes directly with the private sector.


Read the full Star story here….

Everyday is a Winding Road – Portobello Road Consultation

In March 2013 Portobello Community Incorporated made a submission on the proposed road widening design for Portobello and Harrington Point Roads. That submission detailed a number of issues with the nature of the design and its impact on the community, the landscape and the environment. Because of the importance of this issue to our community the group distributed 600 flyers, added a display to the store and added information to this website. The City Council announced at the March Annual Plan meeting in Portobello that a further consultation meeting would be held so that residents could see proposed changes to the plans and comment further. That meeting is to be held on Monday, May 13th at 7:00pm at the Coronation Hall.

The Council have made some change to the plans, and this is an opportunity to see whether they have understood the initial concerns that the community. The new plans can be viewed at the following link. It is vital that the community see these plans and understand their implications for the future of the township and the Otago Peninsula. If you have friends, neighbours, colleagues and whanau who you feel need to know more about this project come along to the meeting and have your say.

A summary of the project changes since the initial consultation includes;

  • the reclamation of the old stone wall in Latham Bay, Portobello.
  • the burying and moving of the old cannon site from the foreshore.
  • the removal of the planned reclaimed bus stops.
  • the retention of some of the rock outcrops and geological features.

There is still many areas of the plan that need finalising, particularly;

  •  the choice of landscaping treatments.
  • beach access points.
  • the need for proper crossing areas for our children to get to school safely.
  • the use of gabion walls.
  • how the plan deals with the pinch points at the cemetery and township

These and many other issues are things that the community need to have input on so that the design meets the community’s needs. Take the opportunity and have your say.

D Scene Reports on Portobello Road Widening

D Scene Article

The recent edition of D Scene reported on the submission made by Portobello Community Incorporated on the Dunedin City Council’s proposal to widen Portobello Road and the effect that the proposal will have on the township and its community. Click on the picture  or the link here to read the full D Scene article.

Full Article


Peninsula Paua Changes

IMG_20130328_094150A public meeting will be held at the Coronation Hall in Portobello at 7:00pm 28th March to discuss the propose changes made by the Ministry of Primary Industries to allow the commercial take of paua from the Otago Peninsula area. The Ministry propose opening the Cape Saunders to Harakeke Point and Robertson’s Creek to Smaill’s Beach areas. These are the areas of highest paua numbers in the Dunedin region, and the prime region for recreational paua fishing. If this proposal is approved by the Minister, commercial fishing begins on the 1st of October this year.

You have six weeks to make a written submission stating why you are opposed to having these opened up for commercial fishing. This is a very important issue for the Otago Peninsula and every resident who has concerns over this issue should make it clear that they oppose this change in use.

The submission form is available here to download. Have your say about what happens to your recreational fishery by 4pm Friday 19th April 2013.


The Long and Widening Road

Road Widening Gabion

Last nights Annual Plan consultation meeting in the Coronation Hall was well attended by residents who came to hear more about the Annual Process for 2013-2014. With presentations and discussion with the Mayor, Chief Executive and Council staff there was an opportunity to voice opinions on the road widening project and other issues in our area.

It appears that the road widening for both Harrington Point and Portobello Road appear to be on track to be included in the Annual plan. However, there is still an opportunity for residents to voice their opinions on the design of the proposed widening project.  This is crucial if the road widening proposal is to meet the community’s recreational, conservation and landscape needs. The present configuration for the portion of widening between Bacon Street and the Portobello township needs sensitive design to meet those needs.

While the City Council may have a “big vision of liveability” for cycling and pedestrians as Mayor Dave Cull mentioned last night, liveability also means ensuring that it works for those who live beside and ultimately pay for these projects. Fundamental to that is ensuring that the values that makes Portobello such a desirable and beautiful place to live are not compromised or obliterated for the sake of an idealistic vision. It also means that the design enhances and complements the individual qualities of the Township, rather than arbitrarily using a cut and paste design.  Based on the artist’s impression of the design to date, it would appear that the Council have a way to go before that criteria is met, and the community must actively participate in that process.

City Council Annual Plan

The Dunedin City Council will be consulting with the community on the 2013/2014 Annual Plan. This is an opportunity for  Portobello & Peninsula residents to discuss its priorities in the next financial year. The Otago Peninsula Community Board also submits on the Annual Plan, but individual residents should also make submissions about the issues that they are passionate about in their community. Take the opportunity to read what the Annual Plan will mean to you as a ratepayer and how those things will affect you and your family.

As part of the consultation process there will be a public meeting held at the Coronation Hall, Portobello on Wednesday, 13 March at 7:30pm. Portobello Community Inc. encourages everyone to take part and have your say. Annual Plan Poster

Road Widening Consultation

The Dunedin City Council have announced the first stage of public consultation on the road widening of Portobello Road. The project includes widening the road by 5-8 metres in places and the development of a cycle-way and pedestrian pathway alongside Otago Harbour.  Many residents will have watched with interest similar developments at Macandrew Bay.

There is no doubt that accessibility is limited on Portobello Road in its present configuration and that changes are needed in the interests of safety and access. However, all of those things need to be put into context of the Portobello community and how the widening project;

  • Will provide the best recreational options for the community to enjoy.
  • Ensures that the heritage and landscape character of our township is protected and enhanced.
  •  Creates a safe road and pedestrian environment for our families and children.
  • Protects the Otago Harbour environment and coastal access that we already enjoy as part of our Portobello lifestyle.

That means that Portobello and Peninsula residents must take the opportunity to participate in the consultation process and ensure that the community receives the best possible options for this project. The proposed consultation period closes on the 28th March 2013, when the Council will take the views of the residents into consideration for the final design and subsequent lodgement for resource consent with the Otago Regional Council. This project is funded partly by your rates, make the time to view the plans and have your say about what you think are the best options for your township. Talk to your neighbours, friends and colleagues and have your say.

Plans can be viewed at;

  • Bellamy’s Gallery – Macandrew Bay
  • Broad Bay School
  • Portobello Gallery
  • Otakou Marae
  • DCC Book Bus
  • DCC Customer Enquiries – Civic Centre.

View the plans and make an online submission to the DCC

Scanned versions of the proposed plans can be found on this website for the Portobello sections only.

Proposed Portobello Road Design

Proposed Pineapple Rock to Beaconsfield Road Design