Playcentre Survey

Enjoying the deck at Portobello Playcentre

Like many community organisations membership ebbs and flows with generational change, community needs and population fluctuations. Presently, the Portobello-Broad Bay Playcentre is struggling for families with children to get involved and play an active part in this important pre-school organisation. Currently our local Playcentre has less than 10 families, and if the roll does not improve the Peninsula may lose Playcentre for good.

Currently, the Portobello – Broad Bay Playcentre is gathering information from the community about what families really need so that the organisation can try to make changes that will both serve the community and make Playcentre more sustainable.

There is a survey being distributed around the community with a stamped and addressed envelope that allows people to provide information to the group on the current Playcentre. If you’re a parent, caregiver or grandparent and have children or know someone who might be interested in Playcentre take the time to give the group some feedback. The survey is available at the, Peninsula Medical Centre (Portobello), Portobello Store, Toy Library or by letter box drop. If you have any questions or would like to get involved with Playcentre you can email Rachael at or call her at (03) 4780 4781265. Give your support to our local Playcentre.

Water is a great learning toy!

4 thoughts on “Playcentre Survey

  1. Megan Potiki

    Hi ya
    I was at the Playcentre myself as a child and my first two children went there for a brief time. Times have changed. People, mothers and fathers are working. I couldnt keep my youngest at Kidzone that changed to Kindy in Portobello because the hours did not suit my work. I was gutted to have to take him to a creche in town, but I had no choice. I would like to see something that was avaialble to working parents and non working parents. Maybe portobello needs to start thinking outside the box?
    There is also a need (I think) for an afterschool programme for an hour or two. I think we need to be thinking of different approaches to play/childcare etc…

    1. That’s a great comment Megan and something that Playcentre should look into. Its certainly more prevalent now that working parents are looking for quality child care within their own community. I’ll pass your comments onto the Playcentre people. Regards Paul Pope Website Editor

    2. racheal

      Kia ora Megan, thank you for your reply.
      I agree that times have changed, and now people have to work, this is affecting what is happening to all Playcentres over NZ, not just ours.

      This is exactly why we need input from the community, what people need.
      Where do we go?
      Sadly Playcentre as it is today is struggling to survive in today’s world.
      But if we look into longer hours, and after school programmes, that doesn’t come under the “playcentre” umbrella.
      And sadly if we keep the building as playcentre we can’t do anything else, as insurances, and who own what gets very messy and a lot of work!
      But maybe if that is the feel of the community, playcentre goes, and we have an after school programme? who knows!
      I really appreciate your input, what this space!
      thanks Racheal.

  2. Megan Potiki

    I understand Rachel. Yes maybe there is a need for another approach? See what feed back you get from the survey. An afterschool programme may be quite popular?

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