Road Widening Consultation

The Dunedin City Council have announced the first stage of public consultation on the road widening of Portobello Road. The project includes widening the road by 5-8 metres in places and the development of a cycle-way and pedestrian pathway alongside Otago Harbour.  Many residents will have watched with interest similar developments at Macandrew Bay.

There is no doubt that accessibility is limited on Portobello Road in its present configuration and that changes are needed in the interests of safety and access. However, all of those things need to be put into context of the Portobello community and how the widening project;

  • Will provide the best recreational options for the community to enjoy.
  • Ensures that the heritage and landscape character of our township is protected and enhanced.
  •  Creates a safe road and pedestrian environment for our families and children.
  • Protects the Otago Harbour environment and coastal access that we already enjoy as part of our Portobello lifestyle.

That means that Portobello and Peninsula residents must take the opportunity to participate in the consultation process and ensure that the community receives the best possible options for this project. The proposed consultation period closes on the 28th March 2013, when the Council will take the views of the residents into consideration for the final design and subsequent lodgement for resource consent with the Otago Regional Council. This project is funded partly by your rates, make the time to view the plans and have your say about what you think are the best options for your township. Talk to your neighbours, friends and colleagues and have your say.

Plans can be viewed at;

  • Bellamy’s Gallery – Macandrew Bay
  • Broad Bay School
  • Portobello Gallery
  • Otakou Marae
  • DCC Book Bus
  • DCC Customer Enquiries – Civic Centre.

View the plans and make an online submission to the DCC

Scanned versions of the proposed plans can be found on this website for the Portobello sections only.

Proposed Portobello Road Design

Proposed Pineapple Rock to Beaconsfield Road Design

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