Main Street Landscaping Project

Main street landscaping project - Portobello

Members of Portobello Community Incorporated began its main street landscaping project on Sunday 9th of July. The landscaping project is being carried out beside the Portobello Hotel and the planting at Portobello Creek. The landscaping will utilise low growing native plants and will be edged with some of the timbers from the old Portobello Jetty.

On Sunday the group took time to clean out the litter and weeds as well as digging and levelling the area in preparation for the edging and planting. This area has been in need of tidying up so that it links the Portobello Creek planting undertaken by Paul Pope of Spiralis Ltd, Save the Otago Peninsula volunteers and the Portobello Bowling Club. The new edging should be installed over the next 2-3 weeks and will be a welcome addition to the look of our main street. Looking forward to seeing this project completed. Click on the images below to view.


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