The Rubbish Revolution

Join the rubbish revolution and change the place you live in

March 30th 2014 is a watershed day for all residents in the Portobello/Harwood/Otakou area with the beginning of the “Rubbish Revolution.” Give just one hour of your time to pick up the rubbish from around your streets, playgrounds, beaches or public roads and reward yourself with a pat on the back and an hour’s exercise to boot! Do as much as you can in any area that you want to go, provided its safe and not stepping on anyone’s toes!

Portobello Community Incorporated have bags, gloves and hi-viz jackets available to anyone who wants to help make their area a cleaner place to live and play in. Perhaps you’d like to “Adopt a Spot” and care for an area regularly by keeping it clear of rubbish and waste. If you do then contact Darlene from Keep Dunedin Beautiful at the Dunedin City Council offices.

If you feel like a good walk and want to feel good about something you’ve done, meet us at the Portobello Store on Sunday March 3oth at 9:30 am to grab a rubbish bag and become part of the rubbish revolution. Success is always guaranteed.


Beautification Projects Recognised

Portobello Community Incorporated won the Taylor Community Pride Shield in first place at the Keep Dunedin Beautiful awards on Monday 3rd March. The award was presented to Paul Pope and Geoff Sheridan representing the group at the awards ceremony yesterday.  Portobello Inc. have put in the hard yards over the last year around Portobello and the recognition by Keep Dunedin Beautiful is well deserved. With recognition for the garden projects beside the hotel and public toilets along with its regular clean ups and the Hawk and Hurl the group can be justifiably proud of its efforts. It also raises the bar for future projects and the community is welcome to provide more ideas and initiatives. Well done Portobello Inc. keep up the good work!

A highlight of some of last years projects below.

Hawked and Hurled at the Domain

Grabbing a bargainOctober can be a great time of year in Portobello with those balmy warm days that begin to give us hope that summer is just around the corner, and Sunday’s Hawk and Hurl was no exception. With a good number of local people deciding to sell their unwanted items there were plenty of opportunities for visitors to find a bargain Geoof and Richard unloadingor two.

The Portobello Community Inc. team were kept busy helping people with unloading their vehicles, rescuing recyclable items from the bins and collecting scrap metal. This year the team collected around 2-2.5 tons of scrap that will be sold and the proceeds going towards the school pool. The generosity of the community in this type of donation and the support by local farmer  Brendon Cross who supplied the truck for cartage is greatly appreciated.

Many people donated items for sale rather than dumping them in the skips and quite a few people took the opportunity grab a bargain. With desks, outdoor furniture and a range of house-ware its great to see these items get re-used rather than go into the landfill.  The next Hawk and Hurl will be in February so look out for the advertising. Click on the images below to view in full size.

Portobello School Keep the Peninsula Beautiful

Nineteen year 7&8 pupils from Portobello School put their gumboots on and cleaned up the beach areas around Latham Bay in Portobello on Tuesday 24th September. Supervised by teacher Candace Christensen and Portobello Community Inc. Chairman, Paul Pope the group collected a full array of harbour rubbish that included plenty of glass and plastic. Some of the more interesting finds was a new shoe, boat hatch cover and five fluorescent road cones. Helped by the low tide the busy group covered a 1.25 kilometre stretch of Latham Bay and made their mark on two of the popular pocket beaches in the area. Once again it was great to see our young people give up their time to keep the Peninsula beautiful. Well done, tino pai!

Keeping the Peninsula Beautiful


With Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week in full swing a few hard-working people turned out to make their mark on the local landscape on Saturday 21st September. Thomas Pope (9) along with big sister Georgia (12) and their father Paul decided to tackle Harington Point Road. In a 2.5 kilometre section from the golf course to Harwood they picked up 8 bags of rubbish, 2 televisions, a truck tyre and some assorted car parts. A special thanks to Cathy Barron and her children Fergus and Ivy who cleaned up Portobello Park. While Melissa Bulger-Patrick and her children Brooke and Elly tackled Portobello Domain, the cemetery and adjacent streets. It was great to see local kids working at keeping their town in tip-top shape. Pupils from Portobello School will be tackling the area around Latham  Bay on Tuesday 24th. It’s little things like this that make a difference to our area and the community and don’t just have to be part of a bigger event. Let’s try to make a difference everyday.

Creating a Garden Township

SONY DSCThe Portobello Community Incorporated lad’s team have competed a second landscaping project in the main street of the township. After pruning and removing a trailer load of rubbish and weeds a few weeks ago the edging and planting has now been completed. The newly completed planted area adjacent to the public toilets has allowed more light and less litter in the area. Using the timbers from the old Portobello jetty and mulch donated from local contractor John Clearwater the new border is a welcome complement to the other planting undertaken besides the hotel. There are many other areas around the township that planting could improve for the benefit of the community. If you have any thoughts about these sorts of projects you can drop Chairman, Paul Pope a line through the website contact form. A special thanks to Jenny and Levi for delivering the fresh baking and a welcome hot drink while the work was being finished.


Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week

Keep Dunedin Beautiful and the Dunedin City Council are asking residents to beautify their favourite part of our city by ridding it of litter. So Portobello Community Incorporated are going to play their part by undertaking a clean up around our area on Saturday 21st September. If you’d like to take part in the clean up then meet at the Portobello Store at 10:00 am, grab a bag, hi-viz, some gloves and make a difference in your community. Get your family, friends or neighbours involved. Rubbish bags will be collected and disposed of appropriately

The amount of time you spend on it is entirely up to you as every little bit counts. See you there.

Rolling Up Your Sleeves


SONY DSCMembers of Portobello Community Incorporated put in another solid morning’s work on Sunday preparing the area adjacent to the public toilets for a new planted border. This area has always been a dark damp corner that attracts rubbish and receives little sun. The removal of a willow, rubbish and invasive vines along with the lifting of trees has improved the area significantly. Using more timber from the old jetty and further planting in the next fortnight will create a very attractive space that enhances the area for the benefit of the community. Special thanks to Geoff, Paul, Peter and Thomas (9) for their efforts on Sunday morning in making a start on another important main street landscaping project.

Main Street Landscaping Project

Main street landscaping project - Portobello

Members of Portobello Community Incorporated began its main street landscaping project on Sunday 9th of July. The landscaping project is being carried out beside the Portobello Hotel and the planting at Portobello Creek. The landscaping will utilise low growing native plants and will be edged with some of the timbers from the old Portobello Jetty.

On Sunday the group took time to clean out the litter and weeds as well as digging and levelling the area in preparation for the edging and planting. This area has been in need of tidying up so that it links the Portobello Creek planting undertaken by Paul Pope of Spiralis Ltd, Save the Otago Peninsula volunteers and the Portobello Bowling Club. The new edging should be installed over the next 2-3 weeks and will be a welcome addition to the look of our main street. Looking forward to seeing this project completed. Click on the images below to view.