Creating a Garden Township

SONY DSCThe Portobello Community Incorporated lad’s team have competed a second landscaping project in the main street of the township. After pruning and removing a trailer load of rubbish and weeds a few weeks ago the edging and planting has now been completed. The newly completed planted area adjacent to the public toilets has allowed more light and less litter in the area. Using the timbers from the old Portobello jetty and mulch donated from local contractor John Clearwater the new border is a welcome complement to the other planting undertaken besides the hotel. There are many other areas around the township that planting could improve for the benefit of the community. If you have any thoughts about these sorts of projects you can drop Chairman, Paul Pope a line through the website contact form. A special thanks to Jenny and Levi for delivering the fresh baking and a welcome hot drink while the work was being finished.


About Portobello Editor

Hi I'm Paul Pope the editor of the Portobello Community page. Portobello Community Inc is a community group that works on the Otago Peninsula to promote, and develop assets and events for residents and visitors.
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